About Screenfold Press:

Screenfold Press was created in 2006 specifically to market Playing Cards of the Apaches. But as the occasion presents itself in the future, we hope to publish and distribute additional books related to history, ethnology, and archaeology of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico.

The Screenfold Press logo combines simplified versions of the Maya glyphs for "book" and "ink" with a zigzag motif representing the accordion-folded pages of a Maya codex book. The prehistoric Mayans were the first and only indigenous New World culture to invent an alphabet, and create innumerable records of their own history in hidden shrines, on public architecture, in textiles, and on portable artworks of all kinds, most notably ceramic vases and books. Screenfold books consisted of gesso- or plaster-coated bark-paper sheets between wood covers bound with jaguar skin. Texts were painted by professional scribes respected both for the beauty of their calligraphy as well as for their role in preserving historical information. The Screenfold Press logo was created by Ron Beckwith and Alan Ferg.

Screenfold Press

Mare's Nest Books was established in 2013 as an imprint of Screenfold Press, and launched with the publication of The Polish and Russian Arabians of Ed Tweed's Brusally Ranch.

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